About Koenji Junjo Shopping District

Koenji North Exit – Look for the Big Arch!

A shopping street marked by a large arch is at the north exit of JR Chuo and Sobu Line Koenji Station, just across the roundabout.
It is one of the 13 shopping districts around Koenji, with about 200 member stores.

The Guesthouse Koenji Junjo Hotel is operated by Koenji Junjo Shopping Street.

The Guesthouse Koenji Junjo Hotel is just a 3-minute walk from the south exit of the station opposite it.

Official Name: “Koenji Ginza Shoutenkai Kyoudou Kumiai” (Koenji Ginza Shopping Association Cooperative)

The official name of the Koenji Junjo Shopping Street is “Koenji Ginza Shoutenkai Kyoudou Kumiai” (Koenji Ginza Shopping Association Cooperative).
It was founded in 1958 (Showa 33).
It is a lively shopping district where you can find everything you need for clothing, food, and shelter, and it is known as a town bustling with human warmth, loved by musicians and comedians alike.
It attracts attention from all over the country.

In 1989 (Heisei 1), it was decided to use the nickname “Koenji Junjo Shopping Street” after a novel of the same name by writer and poet Seiichi Nejime, who spent his childhood in the shopping district, won the 101st Naoki Prize. Subsequently, the arch of the shopping street was renovated to display this name.

A lively shopping street that actively participates in and organizes events

The shopping street in Tokyo’s Koenji actively participates in local events such as the Koenji Awa Dance and the Koenji Festival. Since 1960 (Showa 35), the “Surprise Market” organized by the shopping district has become a famous occasion for member stores to offer temporary sales.

The district is continuously modernizing and creating excitement amid changing times.

Representative projects of Koenji Junjo Shopping District

The colored pavement, the opening of a community hall (later called “Machi no Eki”), the launch of original brands such as Koenji Junjo Rice and Junjo Pure Rice Wine, the installation of free Wi-Fi in the North Plaza, LED lighting for street lamps, and the opening of the Koenji Junjo Hotel.

Shopping and dining at the Koenji Junjo Shopping District!

The official website of the Koenji Junjo Shopping District provides a map of member stores, including lively izakayas and cafés unique to Koenji and stores convenient for tourists staying in Koenji to purchase daily necessities.
Please use it!

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