Events in Koenji

People who gather in Koenji love festivals.
Starting with the Tokyo Koenji Awa Odori, which attracts about 10,000 dancers and 1 million visitors, the events held throughout the seasons are affectionately known as the “Koenji Four Great Events.”

Spring / Koenji Bikkuri Daidogei

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Juggling, pantomime, street music, and trapeze are just some of the many performances that can be enjoyed at Koenji’s big spring event, held around the last weekend of April each year.

Koenji Bikkuri Daidogei Official Website

Summer / Tokyo Koenji Awaodori

When talking about Koenji, one cannot but mention the Awa Dance.
Now famous as one of Tokyo’s premier festivals, it attracts over 1 million people each year.
More than 150 teams and 10,000 dancers heat up Koenji’s summer!
It is held around the last weekend of August each year.

Tokyo Koenji Awaodori Official Website

Autumn / Koenjifes

All of Koenji becomes a stage, including plazas, parks, streets, schools, and stores.
With stamp rallies, workshops, street life, and even professional wrestling, there are too many different events to list here!
Held around the last weekend of October each year.

Koenjifes Official Website

Winter / Koenji Engei Matsuri

Under the theme “Making Koenji a town where laughter from comedy never stops,” over 100 comedians gather in Koenji.
Known as traditional Japanese comedy since the Edo period, rakugo, kodan, and manzai wrap the cold winter in warm laughter.
Held for ten days in mid-February each year.

Koenji Engei Matsuri Official Website

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