Please let us know the dates and type of room you would like to reserve.
We will check availability immediately.

Since Koenji Junjo Hotel is a guesthouse (simple lodging), the facilities differ from business hotels.
If you are staying for the first time, please read the “Introduction to Rooms & Facilities” information before you make your reservation.

After submitting the form, we will check the room availability.
Your reservation will be confirmed within 24 hours.
If you do not receive a reply in time, please confirm by phone.

Children under the age of 6 may share a bed with their parents (e.g., one parent and one child in a single room).

For same-day reservations, please call (we do not accept same-day reservations after 6 p.m. on weekdays, Saturdays, Sundays, or holidays).
Cancellations made the day before or the day of your stay and no-shows will be billed the full cancellation fee.
Minors staying alone require a “Parental Consent Form” (please consult in advance).
We do not accept stays for children under the age of 16 without an accompanying adult.

    *On weekdays 10: 00 -15: 00, you can only keep your luggage and check in.
    *Unattended check-in is available after 18: 00 on weekends and holidays.
    *Checkout time is noon.

    *When the sending is completed, you will receive an automatic reply mail to the email address you entered.