This is a summary of frequently asked questions and useful information at the guest house Koenji Junjo Hotel.

About Facilities and Equipment

There is no laundry in the building. Go through the elevated track right in front of the guest house and there is a laundromat on your right.

There is no private parking. Please use the nearby coin parking.
For reference: s-park

There is no TV in the guest room, but there is a sofa and a TV at the reception, so you can watch it at low volume. (After 10:00 p.m., the sound will be heard in the guest room upstairs, so please refrain from it.)

All rooms have free Wi-Fi, power supply and mini table (chabudai).
Although it is a private room, it is not soundproof, so please be aware that the sound of conversation will resonate in the next room.

As it is a small guest house, unlike a business hotel, there are no such facilities in the building. However, there are shopping streets, public baths and restaurants that are unique to Koenji nearby, so please use them.

There is a taxi stand in front of Tokyu Store at the north exit of Koenji Station or at the roundabout at the south exit of Koenji Station.

About Check-in

We provide unattended check-in guidance to customers who check in after 18:00 on weekdays and on weekends and holidays.

About Payment

When you make a reservation directly at our guesthouse or choose the local payment on the accommodation site, you can use cash, PayPay, and various credit cards and electronic money supported by AirPay.
For refference : Types of payments supported by AirPay

We ask that customers who check in unattended on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays or late hours pay in advance by Square (credit card payment) or bank transfer.

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