THE GATE is a vintage clothing store located on Koenji Junjo Shopping Street.
Koenji is known as one of Japan’s leading vintage clothing districts, especially around the south exit, but THE GATE is a rare find on the north side.

The store’s interior is filled with 1970s American imagery and offers a wide range of affordable vintage clothing and accessories.
In addition to used clothing, the store also sells new apparel, military gear, and ROCK T-shirts, resembling a maze with its extensive collection.
This space, so characteristic of Koenji, is eclectic and exciting, allowing you to shop leisurely and freely.

Recommended Point

You may lose track of time browsing through the tightly packed items, all of which are reasonably priced.
The store also sells tote bags with original designs. It’s a must for those who love rock fashion.

Store Information

Store nameTHE GATE
Address1F, Sofia Koenji 1, 2-22-5, Koenji-kita, Suginami-City, Tokyo
Phone number03-3336-9345
Open hournoon – 9:30 p.m.
Regular holidayNew Years Holiday
Please check the temporary holiday on SNS.