Koenji Mashita

“Koenji Mashita” opened in March 2023 under the elevated tracks of JR Koenji Station.
It’s a dining street with a range of eateries, from pubs and fast food to cafes, each with terrace seating. It is bustling with people on weekends.

Shops in Koenji Mashita

Kentucky Fried Chicken Koenji

The popular Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise is one of them.
Orders and payments are made via self-checkout.
Seating is limited to a few terrace seats, so takeout is recommended.

Bakery and Bistro Koenji FLAT

A bakery and bistro with the theme “the extraordinary in the ordinary.”

The shop offers freshly baked bread and cakes daily and casual French cuisine to enjoy from morning to night.

Tully’s Coffee Community Koenji Mashita

This specialty coffee shop was named “Community” to emphasize integration into the local community and serves as a base for arts and information about the area.
It also features an alcohol menu.

Kono Ippai no Tameni

A stylish restaurant where you can enjoy creative cuisine.
It is part of the “Sakaba Nihoremo” chain, located in the Koshin Street Shopping District at the northern exit of Koenji, and popular with all ages and genders.


Reminiscent of a nostalgic cafe, this restaurant offers a variety of coffeehouse, Italian, and French cuisines at a uniform price of 390 yen.
There is also a one-coin lunch menu for 500 yen.

Kome no Kojima

This is a hidden gem where you can enjoy rice cooked in an iron pot with freshly milled rice and fresh seafood dishes while sitting at the counter.

Wine bar Di PUNTO Koenji

This is a community wine bar where you can enjoy wine and food in a casual setting, with a wide range of pasta dishes on the menu.