Koenji Walk North Exit Edition (Theater, Science Experience Facility, Park, Public Bath)

Why not take a walk around Koenji when you stay at the Guesthouse Koenji Junjo Hotel?
You may encounter the charm of Koenji, a town still beloved by many young people and adored by musicians and comedians.

Features of the Koenji North Exit Area

Koenji is divided into north and south exits by the JR Chuo and Sobu Line tracks.

The north exit area, where the Koenji Ginza Shopping District is located, has many restaurants, and the Nakadori Shopping District, which extends west from Koenji Station, is lined with bars.
Recently, places like Shinjuku Golden Gai have become popular with foreign tourists, but Koenji is just as rich with distinctive shops.

Be sure to find your favorite!


Opposite the elevated tracks from the Junjo Hotel Guesthouse is the Za-Koenji Theater.

The unique architecture, designed by Toyo Ito to resemble a giant circus tent, attracts people from afar.
Don’t miss the beautiful building’s large spiral staircase and round windows!

Za-Koenji strives to offer a selection of fine plays and dance performances, as well as workshops and nurturing of young talents involved in theater.
It is also used for rehearsals and indoor performances by groups participating in the famous “Tokyo Koenji Awa Dance.”

On the second floor is the Henri Fabre Café, which is open to those not attending a performance, and on Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays, you can enjoy pasta made with local Suginami vegetables.


Suginami Science Lab for the Future “IMAGINUS” _ Exterior of the former Suginami Fourth Elementary School

A few minutes walk from Za-Koenji is the site of the former Suginami Fourth Elementary School, which is now being renovated and will open in October 2023 as the “IMAGINUS” science laboratory.

As a completely new science experience facility where people can learn while having fun, IMAGINUS offers a variety of experiences, such as a science experience lab, special exhibitions, workshops, and a creation lab.
The Science Experience Lab hosts the “Nutty Scientists” science show, a hilarious premiere in Japan! Please come and visit!

Nutty Scientists science show

Koenji North Park

Walking from IMAGINUS through the Azuma Street Shopping District and Junjo Shopping Street to Koshin Street, you’ll find Koenji North Park on your left.

A little away from the bustling shopping areas, it’s a place to take a breather.

The entrance to North Park is also home to the popular bar “Sakaba Niholemo.”


Kosugi-Yu has challenged the traditional image of public baths with its bright, clean interior. It has become popular with young people through various events and business collaborations.

They also host special baths and in-house events.

While Guesthouse Koenji Junjo Hotel has a communal bathroom, if you want to soak in a large bath or enjoy the atmosphere of a public bath, be sure to visit Kosugi-Yu or Naminoyu, which is further down the road.

A Walk from Koenji Junjo Hotel

This is just an example, so please enjoy strolling around Koenji!

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