Koenji Walk Art Edition (Murals)

Why not take a stroll around Koenji while staying at the Koenji Junjo Hotel?
You may discover the charm of Koenji, a town beloved by young people, musicians, and comedians.

Explore the mural art in the streets of Koenji!

Originally a hub for subculture with galleries and more, Koenji has recently seen the appearance of high-quality murals accessible to everyone.

Kenji Ohguro, a Koenji-based art director, has created the “Koenji MURAL CITY PROJECT“, connecting up-and-coming artists with the local community to create murals that are both striking and respectful of the local landscape.

These artist-created murals not only deter graffiti and contribute to improved public safety but also serve as picturesque spots that delight passersby.

As you stroll around town, look for these unique artworks that can only be found on the streets of Koenji!

JR Overpass Parking Lot (Nigamushi Tsuyoshi)

The mural in the parking lot between the south exit of JR Koenji Station and the Koenji Junjo Hotel is the first project of the “Koenji MURAL CITY PROJECT.”

The artwork features a fun, pop, American comic style with bold illustrations and color usage, making it a popular photo spot.

Studio L’aigle / YS Building (WHOLE9)

A stunning 20-meter-high mural decorates the outside wall of a 5-story building between Koenji PAL Shopping Street and Konan Street.

This stunning mural is a perfect example of the charm of urban mural art.

Koenji Yutorist and K6 (Yuji Oda)

It enhances the presence of a building with many windows, that houses shops, by painting it in refreshing colors.
(Currently, a ramen shop occupies the first floor of the building.)

Momozonogawa Ryokudo (Momozono River Greenway / Shogo Iwakiri)

The Momozono River Greenway, located one block south of Etoil Street, was established in 1967 (Showa 42) when the Momozono River was culverted.
This greenway is located to the left of the old Takarabashi Bridge, just before the arcade of PAL Shopping Street as you approach Look Shopping Street.
The murals here, flanking the original mythical relief, add illustrations on both sides that incorporate motifs related to the Momozono River, such as kappas and peaches, exemplifying a mural art deeply rooted in the local environment.

UPTOWN KOENJI GALLERY Building (Mural Production)

A 10m x 10m mural decorating the wall of a building housing cafes and galleries along Look Shopping Street.

Although the design is industrial, the muted colors, hand-drawn imperfections, and textures convey warmth, making it a unique mural art piece.

A walk from Koenji Junjo Hotel

There are more murals and art galleries in Koenji, as well as shops with stylish and unique facades.
The above are just examples, so enjoy your Koenji stroll with some detours!